Suggestions for Use

Beauty Tips

You can use Intrasound gel or lotions to remove wrinkles and bring circulation to your facial area. Most people experience a rosy glow and a younger look in minutes. Just apply first thing and if desired after apply your makeup if needed.  

Or use Intrasound energized clay for a energetic facemask by using approx. one teaspoon of water to three teaspoons of clay, just apply paste or you can also mix any Intrasound clay powder with any Intrasound gel to make a energy paste. Leave either mixture on skin for about 15 -25 minutes and remove with warm rinse or towel.      

What a change in just minutes

Used effectively with Laser, IPL, and Infrared treatment devices.

Add to Favorite Drink
Injury & Sore Muscles
Apply any of the Intrasound Gels or Lotion immediately to any injury for faster recovery. Also for uncomfortable   swelling and headaches and all uncomfortable body aches.
Simply rub onto & surrounding the area of the discomfort. This will help the healing process. All our topicals such as original gel, long lasting and aloe lotion carry the same energy, they are only carriers for the energy or hosts.
All Intrasound Products acts as hosts or carriers of the same Intrasound energy. Though you may prefer one kind to the other.    
Simply add approx. 1-2 teaspoons of Intrasound Powder to your favorite morning drink everyday. Everyone has to experiment with the amount of powder used daily. Energy lasts for up to  12 hours. Some need more or less than shown amount. If extreme tiredness occurs, stop using for a day and resume a lessor amount. Can use before sleeping time if you are having problems sleeping.  
The powder does settle to the bottom of the cup. This is normal. Be sure to stir your drink to get the remaining powder for best results.
Brush Your Teeth
Hands & Feet​​
For an overall feeling of relief, apply the Intrasound Gel or Lotion to the palm of your hands & the bottom of your feet. You can also use the powder in your socks daily or a small amount inside the sole of your shoes. This should last a few weeks before having to add more to the shoe
This acts as a simple acupuncture treatment to help balance the energy in your body.
By brushing your teeth & gums with the Intrasound Powder, you can help prevent common dental issues.​
Keep a small bowl near the sink, dip your toothbrush & brush as usual.
For toothaches and gum issues, make a paste using the 2/3 of the powder and 1/3 water and apply to the gums or tooth. Leave until the paste dissolves. This can be done several times until relief is accomplished.
Spritz after Shower/Bath
Neck, Back, Shoulders
For a refreshing feel, add the Intrasound Powder to a spritz bottle.
Add 1-3 teaspoons to warm water, mix into spritz bottle & mist over entire body. This can also be used on uncomfortable areas of the body.
This is also very effective before going to bed.
Our Gels & Lotion can bring relief to the toughest uncomfortable energy areas in the neck, back or shoulders. Also works as a acupuncture treatment for the ears.
Rub into skin as often as needed for the best results. But remember to give it time to work.
Usually wait 10 to 30 minutes to feel full results.
Hot Bath/Foot Bath
Joints & Nerves
To soothe aches & pains, you can add Intrasound Powder to a hot bath.
Simply pour 5 Tablespoons to 1 ounce of powder into the bathtub. Powder does settle. This is normal.
Also great in foot baths.
For any bath should only soak for no more than 20 minutes. Toxins released from the body can re-enter after 25 minutes.
Intrasound Gels & Lotion can aid in the relief of joint & nerve discomfort.
Apply to the entire area of the joint. For example, apply to the front of the knee as well as the back of knee. Sometimes, you may need to apply to the entire leg to find the best relief.
Don't forget to apply to other areas connected to the area of uncomfortable energy, such as hands near arms or shoulder area. The discomfort could be caused by other nearby parts of the body.
Chakras/Energy Centers
A good night's sleep is important for your entire body. Intrasound Powder added to your mattress can help make sure of that.
Add 1-3 ounces to the mattress under the sheets for a more balanced sleep.
This only needs to be done once every 6 months.
Our body is made of energy, so when it's out of balance, it can cause disease, fatigue & other ailments. Balancing these areas once a day is recommended by using the topical products.
When experiencing any kind of panic attacks or hypertension, use gels or lotion on those areas which usually occur near or on the chakra energy centers.  

Intrasound Products enhance effects using
Cold Laser, I P L, Near Infrared, and Bio-Feedback Scanners ! 

Using the Intrasound Powder as directed 30 minutes and applying the gel before scanning can greatly increase the accuracy of the reading. Also using the Intrasound Gels or Lotion on or near treatment area 10 min before will help the Energy sent become more effective.
Using the Intrasound topical Gels or Lotion will greatly enhance the effects of Cold Laser, Near Infrared, and, I P L
devices by just applying the area being treated 10 minutes before starting session.
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