How to Raise your Vibration  

Increasing your Vibratory LevEl

 ​​The higher your vibrational frequency, the faster you are able to heal because you are allowing a greater flow of energy through your body. Low vibrations do not feel good and can manifest into such things as pain, worry, and depression. High vibrations eliminate negativity and fear and bad feelings, emotions, tension and uncomfortable energy (pain) depression, anger, etc... So by increasing your vibratory signal you can lift yourself to a higher tone biologically and thus counteract negative or low energy and balance the energy field back to a normal state.     
 ​​Consciousness and Vibrational frequency go hand and hand. When you are in a low frequency, you are in a decreased state of consciousness, your perception is limited. You are stuck in a vibratory low and cut off from the life force and source energy. These things are very important in your body's health and weigh in heavily in the very thing the biological body needs to heal itself. When you are in a high vibrational frequency, you are at a increased state of consciousness and you are increasing the flow of energy sending the life force of energy to the places needed to mend and you are vibrating love and harmony through the body.

Tips to a healthier Vibration

Meditate or lay in silence a few times a day. Positive thoughts

 Eat Healthy Food

 ​​Intrasound Products deliver this high vibrational energy safely to the body in the form of two basic ways. Our energizing clay powders are safe to ingest and have no taste and leave the body in 12 hours through the intestinal track. This is the most effective way to raise the energy field and protect yourself from low vibratory energies. The body's Aura increases and a high vibratory level is achieved. Our topical lotion and gels are to be used only on the outside of the body, usually on low energy areas and to balance the energy points or chakras. The topical products have the ability to fill in holes and remove stuck energy in the energy field (Aura) that have caused stress or anxiety amoung other disorders that occur from being out of balance. ( See Technology Page for Aura Pictures )

Experiance Nature or less electrical frequencies (TV) ect

Use Intrasound Products to relieve stress and enhance beauty

Fix Your Music
     432 DNA HEALING/ Music Converter
Our music today has been altered in the 20th century from 432 Solfeggio tuning to 440 tuning. This was done in the United States in 1917 and in Europe in 1938. 432 tuning or better known as the Solfeggio tuning was used from before ancient Egypt to the early 1900's and was changed for reasons not explained to the masses until recently. It has been discovered that the 432 tuning created harmony in the human body as well as the mind. These Solfeggio healing tones are used in sound healing tuning forks and they are 432 tuned and when experienced they produce healing sounds for the body and Chakras.  There is much info online to be found about it. Here is a link to a free app for your phone or computer which will convert your favorite music to 432 instantly.​ We have experianced a much finer sound and relaxing feeling from this ancient tuning. Remember it is only 8 frequencies off of what you are used to hearing in 440 but most people can tell the difference. If you have any question about 432 tuning, remember the Tibetian Monks tune their ancient healing bowls to the Solfeggio 432 tuning to this day.
Here is a 432 morning meditation music. 432 music can be now found on the internet using Youtube. Also you may download a free tuner for your guitar called the 432 tuner from
A few musicians have used the Solfeggio tuning like John Lennon recorded "Imagine" in 432 as well as Paul McCartney's "Band on the Run", Loggins and Messina, Bob Marley and recently Bono from U2. Musicians have stated that using 432 tuning is much easier and flows better with the music as if it is playing itself.
Dr. Joseph Murphy
This is a wonderful short video that helps with daily life problems and hurtles to overcome. Giving good info for dealing with healing and spiritual health that everyone could use a little of. This is a straightforward and blunt informative audio in his own voice that can help everyone if you practice this information daily.
Here are some very good sound videos from YouTube that use the 432 healing tones and the bottom right explains the use of 432 tuning and the effects on the mind and body from Dream Machine. Enjoy!